1. Software Usage
1.1. All software products available on the Website are commercially licensed products.Your purchase and use of these software constitute your acceptance of their accompanying license agreement. Each license purchased of software products available on the website is valid for single-domain or sub-domain usage only, with the exception of a single development copy.
1.2. The development installation must be accessible only to the license holder and commissioned developers, and not accessible to the general public. These softwares cannot be distributed, nor resold to third parties or individuals. Any unauthorized usage, distribution or access of the software available on the website will be considered as stealing.

2. Installation
2.1. CodeMake will not be responsible for any data loss, down-time occurring from the installation or upgradation of its software products. You must take a back-up of your code files and database before any installations/upgradations.The plugin installation services of codemake.org only include basic installation and setup. For any other customizations, please Contact Us. If you have purchased our plugin installation services, please ensure that you take a back-up of your code files and database before the installation proceeds. Also we provide service for free installation our paid plugins, please order this sevice in your client home if you would like.

3. Support
3.1. We provide complimentary support for 15 day for each purchased app/theme in the form of an website contact system.
3.2. Our support team will assist with app/theme installation, general questions and technical errors.
3.3. We do not provide bug-fix support for our apps/themes if they are modified or your modifications in other parts of your site cause these errors.
3.4. We don’t provide support service if you’re using illegal(nulled) version of CodeMake.Org which may cause errors in our apps/themes. We don’t provide support service if you’re using illegal(nulled) version of our plugins.

4. Customization Request Assessment
4.1. Your customization requirements should contain all the information that accurately describes your needs, including narrative descriptions, pictures and illustrations, supporting drawings, schematics, URLs, etc.
4.2. Upon the receipt of your customization requirements, the Customization Manager shall provide a written acknowledgement of the receipt of your customization requirements via email.
4.3. During the assessment, CodeMake.Org makes an assessment of the cost estimates to implement each individual function and/or feature, or for the entire project. Project cost estimates include all costs associated with the development, testing, draft delivery for evaluation, minor adjustments, and final delivery of the project.
4.4. In the event the proposed project is too big or too complex, our Customization Manager will offer to split the project into two or more smaller individual projects. This is necessary to ensure that the project is manageable and all features can be adequately tested and implemented.
4.5. When the project is split into smaller projects, the subsequent project will only start after the final acceptance of the previous project. This is to ensure that all the previously made changes are fully tested and accepted by the customer. The Customization Manager can perform the assessment of the second and subsequent projects while the current project is still in progress in order to expedite the overall project completion.
4.6. Customization request assessment is a free service we provide to existing and potential customers. Being a free service, the process still requires a certain time of our experts to be spent on assessment, thus diverting human resources from other activities.
4.7. Because of that, we reserve the right to refuse to accept any request for free request assessment in times of high workload, or limit a number of free assessments made for a customer who has a history of not purchasing previous customization(s).

5. Payment
5.1. All payments for projects are made on a 100% prepayment basis.
The Website offers numerous products and services for sale. The Website does not handle payments for these products directly, but rather refers these payments to a secure third-party payment processor which handles all aspects of the payment process. Any payment issues or disputes should be resolved directly with the payment processor. Once we have been notified by the payment processor that a payment has been made, and that the payment has successfully passed a fraud review, access will be granted to the product or service being purchased as soon as possible, however we make no guarantees of timeliness or immediacy.