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Responsive Material Template App – Landing Page is an adds-on to Responsive Material Template. Installing this app together with Responsive Material Template will add a beautiful Landing Page with its rich features and functionalities.

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Product Description

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  • Landing Page is able to customize
    • Title, Subtitle
    • Two colls and rows items in Welcome Blocks allow you to introduce the most important points of your site
    • Integrate with default Photo, default Blog and, default User apps to display latest items on Photos Grids Container, Blogs Grids Container and Users Grids Container


  • Settings
    • Admin can set Title and Subtitle on Welcome page
    • Admin can set Number of photos/blogs/users will be shown in Photos/Blogss/Users block.
  • Manage Welcome Colls Blocks
    • Admin is able to add Welcome Colls and Rows Blocks. Each block is able to:
      • Add Title
      • Subtitle
      • URL Link
      • Description
      • Photo (Change Icon)
      • Photo position
      • Block background color(white/black)
      • Mass delete all items
      • Drag and drop re-order