Affiliate Program and ElMoney


Do you want to increase your income easily and enjoy from it? Than the partner program and electronic money app is just for your website! This app provides possibilities to create internal currency and you will be able to give opportunities to your users to create partnership links and increase selling in market places and other modules. Herewith the owner of the site can earn commissions transactions and enlarge financial profits.

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Product Description

Product information:

  • Product version: 1.0.0
  • Compatible with phpFox: 4.2+(has been tested with latest version of phpFox!)
  • Demo profile: (user:, pass: 123456)

Key features:

  • Affiliate program available on: Digital Marketplace(Download), Marketplace(Core), New Members.
  • Note: We customize affiliate programs for every 3rd party apps with our customization service for additional price, just contact us.
  • EMoney for PHPFox.


  • Account settings
    • Enable/Disable ElMoney
  • Replenishment history / Purchase history / Sale history
    • List of items
    • Add Funds
    • Sort filter
    • Search input
    • Currency/Balance blocks
  • Send to a friends
    • Selected form
    • Amount/Commission/Total/Comment fields
  • Affiliate links
    • List of affiliate links
  • Affiliate statistics
    • Sort filters
    • List of items
  • Affiliate program links
    • Marketplace
    • Digital Marketplace(Download)
    • Subscription


  • Enable/Disable app
  • User Group Settings
  • Settings
    • Currency code
    • Exchange rate of the currency
    • Commission for adding balance
    • Commission for sale
    • Commission for send to friend
    • Withdrawal Commission
    • Withdraw Disable/Enable
    • Subscription(new members) affiliate
  • ElMoney Gateway settings
  • Manage user balance
    • List of members
    • Search filters
    • Add balance
  • Withdraw
    • List of items
    • Search filters